Taking the Glutton out of the Holidays: Three Tricks to Keep the Binging at Bay

Ahh holidays! Time for merriment and gluttony. The Holiday Season is always a point of contrition for clients and trainers alike. Both sides have been working hard encouraging and making lifestyle changes. Strength and flexibility have increased, the drive to exercise and eat healthy has gone from pipe dream to reality. Goals of eeny weeny polka dot bikinis are actually within reach this time. Everything is running smoothly, stress still happens, but is no longer stifled with food and booze. Enter: the holidays.

Parties are amazing! I love a good party. I love sugar, I love(d) drinking with friends, and the food is rich and delicious. If I had even an iota of self control, parties wouldn't be stressful and the draw of seconds and thirds wouldn't be so dang daunting. The internal fight between stomach and desire would be easily solved. In fact, there would be no discontent between the organs, everything would be great. The reality is that this just isn't easy for the vast majority of the population. There are no magical words that are going to make you wake up on party day and not over eat or over drink at tonight's holiday party. It just isn't going to happen. 

What will assist you in not stuffing/drinking yourself into oblivion, you ask? Try my three tricks to get you to stop yourself from hating yourself in the morning.

 photo cred: Amazon

photo cred: Amazon

1. Listerine Strips. They're small, discreet, and make your mouth taste like some weird cross of rubbing alcohol and booty for quite some time. Keep them in your pocket, purse, bra, get creative if your dress requires it, and pop one in your mouth when your stomach is full or you know if you eat one cookie, you'll eat them all. I guarantee you will not over eat after putting one in your mouth.

2. Sit/Stand away from the main food areas. Make your dinner plate, appetizer selection, etc. and find a space to sit or stand a good distance from the food serving areas. You don't have to go out on the porch, just far enough that it will take you more than 10 steps and you can't smell everything. You will be less likely to graze constantly if you set up shop away from the trays of appetizers.

3. Water, lots of water. Keep a glass near you at all times. Take a sip after every few bites of food. Drink one full glass/bottle of water in between every non water beverage (it'll help with the hangover, too. Why are they SO much worse after 30?!) and you will lose the room to consume more so quickly and end up making a fool of yourself dancing on a table and then crying under it (what? that's never happened to you?). 

If the above three tricks don't help you, no worries, just stop what you're doing and bust out 20 Burpees. You're welcome. 


Hi! It's March, that means it is time for a new fitness challenge! 

Post a photo/video of you doing the workout every day with #bdtmarch and try to shout out to @brittanydevitatraining so I'll make sure I tally it. At the end of the month, you'll have a rocking upper body and core and the winner will have a sweet new pair of my new favorite tights at Athleta (these ones)! Everyone Wins! Yay! 

One post = one entry. Every day that you post, you will be given one entry and at the end of the month, I'll randomly (okay, not me, but my computer) choose a winner. If you post one time all month, you'll have one shot at winning. If you post once a day, every day, you'll have 31 entries. Make sense? Good. Get to sweatin'! 

Set a timer for as much time as you have available. If it's only five minutes, perfect. If it's an hour, rad! 

First stop, PLANK! On your hands or forearms (if you have a wrist injury, go on the forearms) come into a plank position for :60. If you need to come down and rest, no problem, but get back up. 

Second: Down Dog Push Ups. Get into a downward facing dog and bend your elbows until the crown of your head touches the ground, then push back up. Repeat 10 times. 

Third: Mountain Climbers. I know, they ARE so fun! Start in a plank position and jump your right foot forward, keeping your hips down, lightly tap your foot, and then switch. Do this 20 times (10 with each leg). 

Repeat as many times as your schedule allows. Snap a picture and post it! 


Man, I am so glad to see January go away. Later, boners! Amongst all the hatred, confusion, and sheer stupidity that has been happening in the nation's capital, there has been one huge positive: people coming together in love and support of the basic human rights of all people. 

I'm not one to censor my opinions, but I'll spare you all this time. You're welcome. Instead, I'm going to steal a quote from the one and only Beibs "...oh baby, you should go and love yourself." The context he uses it in sucks for what I want, so we're going to go with the alternate facts here and pretend he was saying it literally. And not in a "you broke my heart, I hate you, now let me publicly embarrass you while I make millions on quite possibly the catchiest tune I have ever released" sense. 

In a time of angst and fear, we must show love. Love to our neighbors, our friends, those we don't agree with, our bosses, pretty much everyone. We are seeing this theme all over the Internet and the world, but I keep noticing one key player we're not being reminded to show love and compassion to: ourselves. 

There are many ways we can do this, but because fitness is my forte, I'm going to start and end with that. I present to you, the BRITTANY DEVITA TRAINING FEBRUARY CHALLENGE:

You might not be feeling love for me come 21 February when you're doing twenty-one rounds of this shiz, but your body will love you! Keeping our bodies healthy and engaged will release endorphins and make us happier. We all remember the wise Elle Woods and her revelation that "exercise makes people happy and happy people don't kill people. They just don't." I'd hope manslaughter isn't on anyone's mind, but these same homicide-preventing endorphins also work to just make you happier, more relaxed, and generally more pleasant to be around. 

You may also notice some changes in your body. This is good! Whether it is a slimming waistline, more definition in your arms, legs, booty, or a lower number on the (horrendous) scale, a change in your physical appearance will impact your mental state. Be good to your body, give it exercise, challenge it. 

This whole month I will be focusing on LOVE. Maybe you'll get some anecdotal posts about the love in my life, but mostly I'll be giving you ways to show yourself more love. 


As a trainer, I hear a lot of misconceptions about fitness. I hear a lot of excuses about why people can't/don't/won't begin an exercise program, or why they can't maintain one. I have said it before, and I'll say it again and again, working out sucks! It can be very hard to fit a substantial workout in to our busy lives, especially when those busy lives involve tiny, needy creatures sucking all of the life out of us. Constantly. Every. Waking. Minute. Or, hey, maybe you don't have kids, but you have a boss, and that not-so-tiny creature is just as needy.

Over the next few months, I'll be tackling some misconceptions of exercise. I'll be looking at these excuses, disecting them, and finding you some solutions. You're welcome. 

 Today's excuse is one I hear from a LOT of people. Daily. Even if they aren't my clients. 

 This photo and the child in it is not one of mine. She is a stock infant that I paid $1 for. My kids wouldn't be on this path. One would be screaming attached to me, one running (probably naked) somewhere close to a hazard, and the third would be tattling on any number of stuff. And I'd be crying. 

This photo and the child in it is not one of mine. She is a stock infant that I paid $1 for. My kids wouldn't be on this path. One would be screaming attached to me, one running (probably naked) somewhere close to a hazard, and the third would be tattling on any number of stuff. And I'd be crying. 

I'm here to burst your bubble, moms and dads, but let's be real, mostly mom, hanging out with your kid all day is not a workout. Is it tiring? Hell Yes! The mental warfare my little shites pull all day is enough to drive anyone to the bottle of Zoloft I have strategically placed next to the coffee grinds. I'm shocked if I stay awake much past their bed time, because shit, man, parenting all day is exhausting. It isn't a workout though. I'm sorry.

I guess there are exceptions, like your kid is a running or climbing protege and you are literally chasing them with an elevated heart rate for 60-90 consecutive minutes, five days a week. If that is you, then hot damn! Way to go! 

For the rest of us, bending over to tickle little Harold, wipe his cute, poopy butt, or walk clean(ish) folded(ish) laundry up the stairs 8,000 times a day, isn't working out. It's getting your Fitbit happy with some steps, but it isn't going to put a serious dent in your caloric deficit. Throwing legos that you've had to peel out of your foot into a window isn't the same as a shot-put workout either (side note: I effing HATE legos...and Play-doh). Fear not, my fellow mothers, I'm here to help make "chasing your toddler all day" actually work to your benefit. 

Don't do anything to change the activities of your day. You won't be having to go purchase a $400 jogging stroller or a new bike, just do you. Unloading the dishwasher? Cool. After every trip you make to the cupboard, do 10 pushups on the counter. 

Need to do laundry? Try doing a wall sit while you fold. Take breaks as you need to, but folding while lifting your sweet ass, kind of amazing. Before you start, maybe separate the clothes into like items, fold all of the shirts together while doing a wall sit, when you're done with the shirts, take a :15 rest and move on to the next group of like items. 

 check out the super sweet turkey neck I've got going on....

check out the super sweet turkey neck I've got going on....

Time to put away the laundry? Walking lunges! You can do this as a method of travel all over your house if you'd like. Just be sure to keep your toes in front of your knee so you don't get hurt. And watch out for those mother effing Legos.

Make a wager with little Betsy. If she's anything like the fools I birthed, she loves a challenge. Teach her how to do a Burpee and then tell her you can do more than her. Then beat her. You'll feel good about yourself, your body will feel better, and Betsy might get so mad about losing (like my little Norah) that she'll go sulk in a corner for 10 minutes and you can get some coffee or pee with the door closed! 


I hope these little exercises will give you a little extra pep in your step. You can also throw in some jumping jacks while your kids are on the trampoline, or destroying the grown up zone in your house. Try and do :30 bursts throughout the day. Maybe even :60. 



Holy crap, it is FREEZING outside! Looks like Mother Nature forgot this is California and Homie don't play that. 

Here's an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Pagan Festival of Life gift for you all! Go make your bodies warm...and HOT at the same time. You're welcome. 

Make Your Kids Useful

Hi! I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday! 

People (random strangers included, which is super odd and a little off-putting, but it comes with the territory) like to ask me how (more like demand WHY) I am the size I am seven months after birthing the newest human. Genetics plays a big role (thanks, Ma!) and I am one of those freaks who actually enjoys working out. It gives me a way to release some endorphins and not have to up the prescription on the Zoloft every 13 minutes.

Three kids, man. It's fun 80% of the time, but that other 20....ho-ly shit. It's a complete shit show. Frank (#2) IS NEVER WEARING PANTS!! It can be 40 degrees and the little dude INSISTS on being naked. I'll hold him down plenty to get clothes on him, but the second my back is turned, BOOM. Naked. Norah (#1) is constantly reminding me (sometimes gently) that I'm doing things wrong. I put the wrong kind of butter on her slightly-too-toasty-toast, I took .0000392 seconds too long to get the baby while he was half-crying, I forgot to let her paint her brothers' nails....She is a helpful little thing, but man, talk about Task Master! I have high hopes for that one. Then there's the baby....sweet, sweet Salvatore....JUST SLEEP THROUGH THE MOTHER EFFING NIGHT ALREADY!!!!!!!! And while you're at it, please try and keep my nipple attached to my breast, thanks, buddy.

As mothers, we do a lot for our kids. I don't even want to talk about what they do to our bodies whilst holing up on the inside. When they come out, no matter how they get out, they then put our bodies through the ringer for the next 5 years. Think about it, when our kids are around, we have someone in our arms, pulling on various parts of our bodies, we have kids throwing their stupid ass Shopkins under couches, or behind furniture that requires us to contort our bodies into ways reminiscent of drunken college nights. The female body is amazing. 

For the next few weeks, I will be sharing exercises you can do that involves your child(ren). The first exercise we're going to talk about is a wall sit! 

Here's option 1: Find a nice, straight, flat surface and stand against it. Move your way down and walk your feet out until you have a nice 90 degree angle bend at the knees. You want to see your toes in front of your knees. Have the child of your choice (or a dog if your babies are covered in fur), snuggle in close. Make sure their body weight is distributed evenly. Sit for as long as you can. 

Here is option 2: If you have an older child (perhaps one like mine, who LIVES for following directions), have them stand on your thighs (one foot on each thigh) and hold the position as long as possible. If the kid is wiggly, it makes you engage your core more. 

Perform as many sets as your "weights" will allow you to. If that is only two, perfect! Do an extra one without them helping you. Try to time them and take a thirty second rest in between sets.

Happy Sitting!

DECEMBER challenge

Here's the first challenge of December! Snap a picture while completing this workout, or any of the workouts you attend with me, with #BDTdecember and be entered to win one of my favorite things of the moment this month! 

This is a pyramid workout. You start at the bottom (walking lunges) and perform 10 of them, then move up the pyramid performing 10 repetitions of each exercises until you reach the top (Burpees). Once at Burpees, you repeat, (so you'll do 20), and work your way back down through each exercise (10 reps) until you're done! Complete as many pyramids as you'd like! 


Hi, December!

Well, crap. I blinked and November turned into December. DECEMBER! Wow. So much going on this month, regardless of creed or religion, it is a busy, busy, busy time of year. Full of eating, drinking, merriment, gift giving, gift receiving, and a whole lot of holiday stress. These are happy times, right? 

I, for one, love the eating part and hate the gifting part. I am so bad at finding the perfect gift for people. I can't even shop for my husband properly. After several years of punny graphic tee's, I am finally to the point where I realize that just because I think they're clever and great, doesn't mean he'll actually wear them. So, they become my not so oversized sleep shirts, and I chuckle to myself when I see my glamorous morning reflection. 

 A punny shirt from this Etsy shop, that will never see the light of day :( You can buy it here: http://etsy.me/2gIhyko

A punny shirt from this Etsy shop, that will never see the light of day :( You can buy it here: http://etsy.me/2gIhyko

This past weekend, I was working for my friend selling some salad dressing at the Studio 333 Spirited Marin holiday shopping event in Sausalito, California and came across some banging products, thus, I bring you...

Here's my disclaimer: I'm taking the following photos from the different company websites, I didn't snap them, I'm also not being paid by any of these fine companies to talk about their stuff. I just tried them, loved them, and think everyone should have them!


For the runner/hiker/walker or general pocket-less wonder in your life: THE GO POCKET is a fun little way to let you be hands free on the go. You stick it on to your pocketless leggings, clothing, grocery bag, umbrella stroller (those things suuuuuck and have no storage), whatever you want, and go. It stays on your garments through several washes, so you don't have to worry about being totally wasteful. I have an iPhone7 Plus, and it fit nicely (without a case) for a 4 mile run without falling out and shattering!

For the chocolate lover: We all know some people who love chocolate, or think they love chocolate, so what better gift than some badass chocolate made by two badass sisters that give some of the proceeds to a badass cause? LIVE A LOT is legit, the best chocolate you will ever put in your mouth. There is no soy, no dairy, and no refined sugar. And, the packaging is super cute! 

For the salad lover: This is a salad dressing, but you can actually do pretty much anything you want with this stuff. It should be called food crack. FARMHOUSE LAB is delicious and everything is sourced from places that treat their employees and products right. You won't regret this, but it will make you hate all other dressings. Added bonus: every dressing comes in an 8oz Mason Jar, so you can get your craft on afterwards!


For those (who eat) on the go: UKONSERVE is a great line of stainless steel and glass food containers. They are great for the kids' lunch boxes, your bag, pretty much everything. They don't leak, the lids come in cute colors, and they have reusable sandwich wraps and snack bags. You spend a little money on them up front and you never have to buy those crappy plastic bags again! Plus...they're having a sweet online sale right now, so you should go check that out!

 Excuse me while I go get some food now, yum!

Excuse me while I go get some food now, yum!

For the crunchy type: SYMBOL SNACKS is another sister run gem I found this weekend, only these young ladies are twins! Their granola is so delicious...seriously, it is airy, sweet, and has a touch of complexity. Being the fool that I am, I waited until late in the day Sunday to taste it and damn, it was GOOD! 


I loved these things, and I'm pretty sure you will, too! 



HI! I hope Halloween was delightful and full of binge eating! Now that you're forever sick of candy, let's get down to business!

If you haven't already, get rid of the rest of your candy. Toss it in the bin, take it to the dentist, feed it to my awful pugs (kidding...kind of), do whatever you need to do to get it out of your house. If your kid's teacher isn't very nice, send it in their lunch, I don't care what you do, just get rid of it. All of it. 

Now that that is done, we have twenty three days to prepare our bodies for the next celebrated day of binge-eating---Thanksgiving. Over the course of the next twenty-three days, I will be providing full workouts, partial workouts, and different ideas and tools to help keep you fit as we head into the Season of the Glutton. 

The first on the list--The Plank Jack. 

After you've chosen which variation works best for you, set a timer for 20 minutes and do some plank jacks. If you can do 10 before needing a break, perfect! Do your 10, take a break and start again. If you want to make it a little more difficult, sprinkle in some :30 intervals of jogging in place and jumping jacks. 

A key thing to focus on while performing the plank jacks is to suck in your lower gut. Hold everything in nice and tight while you move the legs in and out. 

If you like winning prizes, take a picture of you doing a workout and post to Instagram with #BDTNovember.