Well, Hello Again!

I've been MIA from the Land of Blog, but I have one really good excuse and about one hundred and seven really terrible ones. The good one being I'M PREGNANT. Again. With a boy. He should be making an appearance in our lives early May 2016. This will be baby number three for us, and while we're very excited for a new bundle of squish, we're also cautiously awaiting the sleepless nights, crying fits, and diaper explosions. Also coming to terms with the fact that I will be requiring a minivan in the near future. Very near. Scary near. If you happen to drive a minivan and love it, I'd love to hear what you have and why you like it! 

Some of the less good excuses as to where I've been: morning sickness, fatigue (read: extreme laziness), a busted computer (just got a new laptop at BestBuy today...thank you, Chai!), and a bunch more I'm not going to bore you with. The important thing is, I'm back, and so are you! 

With New Year's Day fast approaching, people are beginning to think about New Year's Resolutions. Over the next six days, I will be focusing on setting your resolutions in a smart way, thinking through them before diving right in, and preparing yourself for potential downfalls. 

To give you a little something to think about, my resolution is to go the entire year without eating processed foods. This is going to be difficult, but it is something I have done in the past for 30 day stretches and need to do indefinitely. I will be sharing the planning of spending an entire year preparing all the food I will consume, the special considerations I will have to take into account while cultivating this tiny human inside me, and the challenges I will face as I introduce an unprocessed diet to my small kids and husband. 

I will be posting the challenges I am anticipating, the preparation, the cabinet clean out, the plan, and everything else. Along with the unprocessed posts, the next year will consist of workouts that are friendly to the pregnant body, but can be increased in intensity for those of you out there that can go balls out. I'm excited to share this with you all and hope you'll give feedback, suggestions, and your own personal accounts. 

Start thinking of your own resolutions and we'll get to planning tomorrow!