Unprocessed. The Potential Threats.


All resolutions start with the best of intentions, people are excited and hopeful to get their new plan in gear, the mind wanders to the end result, and a sense of accomplishment begins to set in before the goal is even close to being reached.

This year, I am going to try something different. I’m going to list out all of my anticipated difficulties and possible solutions, this way, when I come to a roadblock, I’ll have some sort of idea of how to handle it. This plan of attack can work with any New Year’s Resolution you decide to set, but I am going to be demonstrating it with the year of unprocessed foods.

The Potential Threats to Awesomeness:

  1. Pregnancy: cravings, mood swings, desire for caffeine, etc.

  2. Eating Out: will there be enough delicious unprocessed options at the places my family likes to eat out?

  3. Snack Time: are there any snacks better tasting than Goldfish?

  4. Protein Sources: as a Pescatarian (occasional fish eater, but no other meat) will I be able to find enough natural sources of protein without having to use the over processed “meatless” meat substitutions?

  5. Being Rushed: not enough time to create a healthy, unprocessed meal or snack before the inevitable meltdown of child or self.

  6. What to Eat: it’s easy to make a box of Annie’s Mac and Cheese when in a time crunch and not knowing what else to make the family, but that’s not unprocessed.

The Solutions:

  1. Pregnancy: Keep things on hand that are high in iron, drink extra water, go for a walk, eat some fresh fruit.

  2. Eating Out: Fortunately, we don’t do fast food very often or much eating out for that matter. This is mostly because I am too cheap to pay for someone else to make food and because bringing a two year old to a restaurant is going to be awful for the other diners. This kid is insane. When we do want to eat out, we will plan ahead to places that we know cook with fresh ingredients, not from a can. There will be no McDonald’s, Taco Bell, etc. In-N-Out, however, seems to be a viable option. The only concern I have there is the bun, as I’m sure that counts as processed, so a lettuce wrapped grilled cheese will be the option. That sounds pretty gross.

  3. Snack Time: Stocking the fridge with pre-cut (by me) vegetables, full pieces of fruit, homemade dips and things of that nature will make snack time easier. I have been Pinteresting like a madwoman trying to find as many recipes as possible for unprocessed snacks. I will aim for making a huge batch of snacks for the week on Saturday or Sunday when Matt is home to help mind the munchkins, or if I’m feeling extra motherly, I’ll involve the small humans in the making of snacks.

  4. Protein Sources: This one will be the biggest challenge for me. I feel like a person can only eat so many beans and quinoa before they want to throw in the towel. I will have to brainstorm and keep lists of all the major sources of naturally occurring protein and get creative with variations and preparations. Tofu is going to be out for the next year.

  5. Being Rushed: I will try my damndest to do a fridge stock check every evening after the kids are in bed to make sure we’re well-prepared for the day ahead. Sometimes I’m amazed by the amount of food they can fit in their bodies.

  6. What to Eat: Each week I will create a meal plan for dinners. I’d say for all three major meals, but who am I kidding, that’s a little too ambitious for me. I’ll start with dinners and hope to add lunch and breakfast in there soon. 

As time goes on, I’m sure I will run into new challenges and have to add to the list. Maybe some of the items listed here won’t actually turn out to be any big issue and I was over-thinking it.

Please share your resolutions and any anticipated challenges below!