Unprocessed. The Fridge Clean Out

The process of cleaning out my fridge of the evils that are overly sugared, highly processed foods made me simultaneously feel sad and disgusted. I was sad because I was going to throw away the foods that make my brain happy and release all sorts of good endorphins and disgusted because I had been regularly consuming and putting into the bodies of the people I love most in this world. Both feelings were fleeting and I was able to accomplish the task. 

I'm sure people are thinking I suck for throwing away food, but if I'm trying to rid myself of the processed foods, why would I want to burden my friends and neighbors with them? I'm not going to be all preachy about food choices outside of this blog, but I'm certainly not going to be giving people food that I don't want in my own body. That just seems mean.

First things first, I needed to decide what I wanted to 

unprocessed guidelines.jpg

Alright, I'm sure there are thousands of items I could have added to this list, and I'd love to hear some suggestions. If you have any to add, please add them in the comment section below. For now, I'm starting small and trying to make this as fool proof as I can for myself and eventually, my family. 

Matt and I recently watched That Sugar Film that can be found on Amazon Prime right now. It's kind of like Super Size Me only instead of eating McDonald's for thirty days, this hybrid Russel Brandt/Adam Carolla look alike Australian man eats perceived 'healthy' foods and aims to get 40 tsp of sugar a day. He doesn't need to add any extra sugar by eating candy or ice cream. After watching this film, we decided to get rid of all the 'healthy' foods we were feeding our kids: flavored yogurt, even the organic ones, jelly for PB&J, fruit juices (we knew that one was bad, but man do they make for a good bargaining chip), and a few other random items that were in there.

Before the clean out, we hit up Costco to get some fresh produce and frozen fish. I wanted to make sure I had a ton of unprocessed options on hand when hunger struck. I let the kids pick out whatever fruits and vegetables they wanted. We ended up leaving with: two bunches of bananas, a big thing of spinach, a sack of mandarin oranges, 18 apples, 6 bell peppers (orange, yellow, and red), cucumbers, broccoli, snap peas, and frozen Tilapia. As soon as we got home, the kids and I sat at the counter cutting everything and putting them into containers straight into the fridge. While I was cutting, the kids were sampling everything they picked out. It seems promising! 

Here is the before picture of my fridge:

There are some other nasties in there, like that gigantic tub of BestFoods (Hellman's for all you east coasters) that I am keeping in there for now because my husband still wants to eat that and I'm not about to make it from scratch yet.

And the after:

I kept the pesto because it makes my kids eat fish, and that's something I need in my life right now!


Stay tuned for the big cupboard clean out that will be happening later today, hopefully posting tomorrow!