Indulgence Fail


Or am I? We spent the day at Matt's parents' house followed by a few hours at my mom's. No naps for the little darlings and a hangry man left us with a bit of a dilemma,  so we headed to a drive thru. 

Taco Bell didn't have a drive thru, but McDonald's did, so we did what we swore we'd never do..we ordered a Happy Meal for the kids and two large fries for us! It has been years since I've had non In-N-Out fast food. Like not since college when I had  to eat it in massive quantities to try and get Boardwalk and Park Place during the Heaven that was Monopoly. 

In the short wait between ordering and getting french fries and Matt's Coke, we were hyping ourselves up for the salty, greasy, fizzy goodness we were about to let into our bodies. A brief moment of worry that the kids would love the little Crack meal and toy flashed into my mind. Would they want me to buy them this all the time? Was I going to undo all the thoughtfulness I've put into their little bellies thus far? The sweet sound of the pickup window opening brought me back to reality. Screw the future, I was about to have McDonald's fries!!

Talk about a let down. The fries weren't crispy or hot. They were hardly even salty! The Coke was flat. The kids took one bite of their nuggets and didn't want them (there could be something wrong with these kids...) and the apple slices were gross. 

If I'm going to indulge, I want it to be worth every excess calorie. I want to feel my taste buds burning with salt. I want the immense amount of sugary beverage to dance and bounce it's happy way down my throat. I want to regret every bite in an hour.  

I don't want to be left with a deep feeling of disappointment for the one establishment that has played a huge role in the demise of healty eating in this country. All they make is shitty food. Why did mine just taste like bland poo? 

The point of this post: when you choose to indulge, choose wisely. I will stick to Teeny Cakes from now on. Or Three Twins.