First Workout of the Year

Now that you have had time to wallow in the gluttony of the last two weeks, it's time for you to get busy! The following workout can be done by anyone. I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant (pictures are proof) and I didn't have a problem. For those of you who aren't pregnant, instead of inchworms, do Burpees. If you aren't familiar with a Burpee, you can find them here. If you watch the video, you're welcome for the super amazing eye candy, but start the video around 2:00, his name is Funk and he talks a lot. 

Perform each exercise 10-15 times depending on the amount of time you have, then repeat the entire workout three times. Have fun!

If you're able, do Burpees here, not inchworms. If you aren't quite ready for Burpees, but these are too easy, do traveling inchworms. Instead of standing in one place and walking your hands back to your feet, walk your feet towards your hand sending your butt straight up in the air. Your feet will now be where your hands were when you start inching forward again.

If you have weak or injured wrists, these can be done on the forearms. The knees should touch very lightly on the ground. 

If you aren't somewhere outdoors or it's freezing, instead of a bench you can use a coffee table, a heavy chair, fire place, pretty much anything. Just make sure you are as close to the bench as you can get without scratching your back. If you're too far forward, as you did, you can pop your shoulders and do some serious damage. It shouldn't feel like you're pushing yourself away from the bench, you should be dropping straight down. 

This is the view you couldn't see in the inchworm and plank pictures because I had to zoom in on myself.