Hi, December!

Well, crap. I blinked and November turned into December. DECEMBER! Wow. So much going on this month, regardless of creed or religion, it is a busy, busy, busy time of year. Full of eating, drinking, merriment, gift giving, gift receiving, and a whole lot of holiday stress. These are happy times, right? 

I, for one, love the eating part and hate the gifting part. I am so bad at finding the perfect gift for people. I can't even shop for my husband properly. After several years of punny graphic tee's, I am finally to the point where I realize that just because I think they're clever and great, doesn't mean he'll actually wear them. So, they become my not so oversized sleep shirts, and I chuckle to myself when I see my glamorous morning reflection. 

 A punny shirt from this Etsy shop, that will never see the light of day :( You can buy it here: http://etsy.me/2gIhyko

A punny shirt from this Etsy shop, that will never see the light of day :( You can buy it here: http://etsy.me/2gIhyko

This past weekend, I was working for my friend selling some salad dressing at the Studio 333 Spirited Marin holiday shopping event in Sausalito, California and came across some banging products, thus, I bring you...

Here's my disclaimer: I'm taking the following photos from the different company websites, I didn't snap them, I'm also not being paid by any of these fine companies to talk about their stuff. I just tried them, loved them, and think everyone should have them!


For the runner/hiker/walker or general pocket-less wonder in your life: THE GO POCKET is a fun little way to let you be hands free on the go. You stick it on to your pocketless leggings, clothing, grocery bag, umbrella stroller (those things suuuuuck and have no storage), whatever you want, and go. It stays on your garments through several washes, so you don't have to worry about being totally wasteful. I have an iPhone7 Plus, and it fit nicely (without a case) for a 4 mile run without falling out and shattering!

For the chocolate lover: We all know some people who love chocolate, or think they love chocolate, so what better gift than some badass chocolate made by two badass sisters that give some of the proceeds to a badass cause? LIVE A LOT is legit, the best chocolate you will ever put in your mouth. There is no soy, no dairy, and no refined sugar. And, the packaging is super cute! 

For the salad lover: This is a salad dressing, but you can actually do pretty much anything you want with this stuff. It should be called food crack. FARMHOUSE LAB is delicious and everything is sourced from places that treat their employees and products right. You won't regret this, but it will make you hate all other dressings. Added bonus: every dressing comes in an 8oz Mason Jar, so you can get your craft on afterwards!


For those (who eat) on the go: UKONSERVE is a great line of stainless steel and glass food containers. They are great for the kids' lunch boxes, your bag, pretty much everything. They don't leak, the lids come in cute colors, and they have reusable sandwich wraps and snack bags. You spend a little money on them up front and you never have to buy those crappy plastic bags again! Plus...they're having a sweet online sale right now, so you should go check that out!

 Excuse me while I go get some food now, yum!

Excuse me while I go get some food now, yum!

For the crunchy type: SYMBOL SNACKS is another sister run gem I found this weekend, only these young ladies are twins! Their granola is so delicious...seriously, it is airy, sweet, and has a touch of complexity. Being the fool that I am, I waited until late in the day Sunday to taste it and damn, it was GOOD! 


I loved these things, and I'm pretty sure you will, too!