Man, I am so glad to see January go away. Later, boners! Amongst all the hatred, confusion, and sheer stupidity that has been happening in the nation's capital, there has been one huge positive: people coming together in love and support of the basic human rights of all people. 

I'm not one to censor my opinions, but I'll spare you all this time. You're welcome. Instead, I'm going to steal a quote from the one and only Beibs "...oh baby, you should go and love yourself." The context he uses it in sucks for what I want, so we're going to go with the alternate facts here and pretend he was saying it literally. And not in a "you broke my heart, I hate you, now let me publicly embarrass you while I make millions on quite possibly the catchiest tune I have ever released" sense. 

In a time of angst and fear, we must show love. Love to our neighbors, our friends, those we don't agree with, our bosses, pretty much everyone. We are seeing this theme all over the Internet and the world, but I keep noticing one key player we're not being reminded to show love and compassion to: ourselves. 

There are many ways we can do this, but because fitness is my forte, I'm going to start and end with that. I present to you, the BRITTANY DEVITA TRAINING FEBRUARY CHALLENGE:

You might not be feeling love for me come 21 February when you're doing twenty-one rounds of this shiz, but your body will love you! Keeping our bodies healthy and engaged will release endorphins and make us happier. We all remember the wise Elle Woods and her revelation that "exercise makes people happy and happy people don't kill people. They just don't." I'd hope manslaughter isn't on anyone's mind, but these same homicide-preventing endorphins also work to just make you happier, more relaxed, and generally more pleasant to be around. 

You may also notice some changes in your body. This is good! Whether it is a slimming waistline, more definition in your arms, legs, booty, or a lower number on the (horrendous) scale, a change in your physical appearance will impact your mental state. Be good to your body, give it exercise, challenge it. 

This whole month I will be focusing on LOVE. Maybe you'll get some anecdotal posts about the love in my life, but mostly I'll be giving you ways to show yourself more love.