Taking the Glutton out of the Holidays: Three Tricks to Keep the Binging at Bay

Ahh holidays! Time for merriment and gluttony. The Holiday Season is always a point of contrition for clients and trainers alike. Both sides have been working hard encouraging and making lifestyle changes. Strength and flexibility have increased, the drive to exercise and eat healthy has gone from pipe dream to reality. Goals of eeny weeny polka dot bikinis are actually within reach this time. Everything is running smoothly, stress still happens, but is no longer stifled with food and booze. Enter: the holidays.

Parties are amazing! I love a good party. I love sugar, I love(d) drinking with friends, and the food is rich and delicious. If I had even an iota of self control, parties wouldn't be stressful and the draw of seconds and thirds wouldn't be so dang daunting. The internal fight between stomach and desire would be easily solved. In fact, there would be no discontent between the organs, everything would be great. The reality is that this just isn't easy for the vast majority of the population. There are no magical words that are going to make you wake up on party day and not over eat or over drink at tonight's holiday party. It just isn't going to happen. 

What will assist you in not stuffing/drinking yourself into oblivion, you ask? Try my three tricks to get you to stop yourself from hating yourself in the morning.

 photo cred: Amazon

photo cred: Amazon

1. Listerine Strips. They're small, discreet, and make your mouth taste like some weird cross of rubbing alcohol and booty for quite some time. Keep them in your pocket, purse, bra, get creative if your dress requires it, and pop one in your mouth when your stomach is full or you know if you eat one cookie, you'll eat them all. I guarantee you will not over eat after putting one in your mouth.

2. Sit/Stand away from the main food areas. Make your dinner plate, appetizer selection, etc. and find a space to sit or stand a good distance from the food serving areas. You don't have to go out on the porch, just far enough that it will take you more than 10 steps and you can't smell everything. You will be less likely to graze constantly if you set up shop away from the trays of appetizers.

3. Water, lots of water. Keep a glass near you at all times. Take a sip after every few bites of food. Drink one full glass/bottle of water in between every non water beverage (it'll help with the hangover, too. Why are they SO much worse after 30?!) and you will lose the room to consume more so quickly and end up making a fool of yourself dancing on a table and then crying under it (what? that's never happened to you?). 

If the above three tricks don't help you, no worries, just stop what you're doing and bust out 20 Burpees. You're welcome.