Hi! It's March, that means it is time for a new fitness challenge! 

Post a photo/video of you doing the workout every day with #bdtmarch and try to shout out to @brittanydevitatraining so I'll make sure I tally it. At the end of the month, you'll have a rocking upper body and core and the winner will have a sweet new pair of my new favorite tights at Athleta (these ones)! Everyone Wins! Yay! 

One post = one entry. Every day that you post, you will be given one entry and at the end of the month, I'll randomly (okay, not me, but my computer) choose a winner. If you post one time all month, you'll have one shot at winning. If you post once a day, every day, you'll have 31 entries. Make sense? Good. Get to sweatin'! 

Set a timer for as much time as you have available. If it's only five minutes, perfect. If it's an hour, rad! 

First stop, PLANK! On your hands or forearms (if you have a wrist injury, go on the forearms) come into a plank position for :60. If you need to come down and rest, no problem, but get back up. 

Second: Down Dog Push Ups. Get into a downward facing dog and bend your elbows until the crown of your head touches the ground, then push back up. Repeat 10 times. 

Third: Mountain Climbers. I know, they ARE so fun! Start in a plank position and jump your right foot forward, keeping your hips down, lightly tap your foot, and then switch. Do this 20 times (10 with each leg). 

Repeat as many times as your schedule allows. Snap a picture and post it!